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I almost forgot. I have taken a buch of shots and created panoramic views of the site. The one below is a complete 360 view of the pit as of last week. with the iron going up it definitely looks different down there now but this is a good way for you to be able to see what i see down there. There are others so be sure to check out the other pictures because there is one looking from the north wall down into the site.

360 view of the Pit


I will say that I am a simple man. You show me a crane and what looks like a giant jungle gym and I will get goose bumps. Today was the first day that I saw the red iron go up. When I went through training to go into the construction site i was asked about climbing and If I would be diong any of that. I said no I would probably stick to the ground level. Today i see the iron going up and all i can think of is how much i want to climb up and take photos and see what these guys see.

I saw the north wall being finished. the cement has been poured and you can actually see where the entrance will be. Before it was just a frame but now you can truly envision it.

One of the guys was spraying the wall with something and I asked what it was. He was spraying a curing agent onto the cement to help it cure. The construction team could either leave the support structures up for seven days or spray this liquid on the cement and it does the same thing as leaving them up.

When i was told that this is a building that will last 150 years I assumed that was standard operating fair. I mean why wouldn't it. I was told that this is a once in a life time build for these guys most buildings aren't being built to last this long and none of them with as much attention to detail.

close up on the red iron crane moving the red iron lowering the steel spraying a curing compound

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The foundation walls are almoust complete. which has allowed them to start on the walls near the library. This is an exciting time to be watching the dorm go up because very soon the Red Iron will be going up. This is what will be the start of the actual walls of the new dorm.

I have been taking a bunch of shots and compiling them into panaramic views and 360 views of the construction. I hope to have them up by the end of the day.

Also be on the look out we will be starting an Alumni blog Written by Our new Dir. of Alumni Relations Adriana Giancoli '98.

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Walls are up and are really quite impressive. Now in order to descend into the depths of the new dorm you first have to climb a ladder then go down a flight of stairs. I will update the photos soon as well.

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I know it has been awhile. With the start of the new academic year life becomes a little crazy around here. Now they all the new students are here I can remain a little more focused on keeping the posts coming.

We continue to push on with construction at a rather rapid pace.

Almost all of the supporting walls have gone up for the terrace level of the dorm which is rather impresive to see. I have been told that they will be pouring walls every friday for awhile to stay on pace. After they pour all the walls they will then be back filling in the foundation walls to add support. Once they get the walls poured they can then take out alot of the water pumps that they have been using to lower the water shed. The weight of the foudation plus the poured walls willkeep the water shed level down.

I am impressed with the sheer science that goes along with all of this.

up on high northside wall west cave ground level


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