Monday, June 22, 2009

Let me guess, you thought I went missing? Nope still here and sill kicking. With all the prep that has gone on these past few weeks for both commencement and reunion life has been a bit crazy. Now we have Summer registration 1 coming up this weekend. so the work never ends.

As was posted earlier the new dorm has been named it is now known as Meier Hall, named after our twelfth president, Thomas Keith Meier. The masonry work on the structural side is completed. Now the limestone and brick work is being put into place. On the southside of the building it is more than halfway up the wall. It is kind of hard to see with the purple scafolding covering the building. I have also climbed to the now tallest point on campus, the tower of Meier Hall. it is 98.4 feet from its bass and it sits on the roof of a 5 story dorm. The dry wall is goin up in a few key places as well as windows. More and more it is begining to feel like a real building that will soon be full of students. an i like theold man that I will have the privilage of saying "I remember when the was a weird statue and tennis courts there."

I will post as soon as all of the photos are up.


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